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Custom Closet Organizers and Accessories in Grand Rapids, MI

When you peer into your closet, are all of your accessories neatly stored? In many closets, ties are slipping to the floor, necklaces are tangled and shoes are strewn about. Maybe you’re not even keeping your accessories in your closet; if you barely have the room for your wardrobe, you might not be trying to fit your belts and purses in there, too.

Smart Spaces, the top closet organizers in Grand Rapids, MI, can change all of that! We have an array of closet organizers that can keep all of your smaller items just as well-organized as your clothing.

Closet Organizers That Store All Your Accessories

Are you wondering how on earth you will fit your accessories in your closet? Check out this list of organizers that can help you get the job done.

  • Shoe rack

    Your footwear shouldn’t be laying on the floor of your closet; that’s a recipe for smashed shoes and maybe a twisted ankle! We have a few different types of shoe racks, and we can accommodate a dozen or a hundred shoes with no problem.

  • Tie racks

    The last thing you want to worry about is ironing a tie that you just ironed last night. If your ties tend to slip off of their hangers, though, this could be your morning routine. A tie rack will hold your neckties securely until you’re ready to wear them.

  • Belt racks

    Another item that can be difficult to hang is the belt. A belt rack can keep these essentials up off of the floor where they won’t end up coiled or kinked.

  • Jewelry organizer

    We have jewelry trays, some that lock, and necklace racks to hold your jewelry while keeping it safe and tangle-free. Keeping these items in your closet allows you to emerge fully dressed and ready for the day.

This is only the beginning, though! We have closet organizers galore to match any need when it comes to closet storage. Give us a call today to schedule your free appointment. During your consultation, we’ll talk about the different accessories available.