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Gorgeous Garage Cabinets in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Do you consider your garage to be part of your home? It’s attached, in most cases, but many people choose not to furnish and decorate their garages with the same care they do in their interior spaces. At Smart Spaces, however, we feel that your garage should look as good as it functions. With our expert designers, you’ll enjoy garage storage cabinets that are a great complement to your existing home decor.

Unmatched Quality for Garage Cabinets & Shelves

You might wonder what makes our garage cabinets rate heads and shoulders above the rest. The answer lies in the details that we use when building your garage storage system. For example, take a look at this list of features that you will find in our cabinets:

  • Our garage cabinets are wall-mounted

    Instead of sitting on the floor, your garage wall cabinets will be installed at least several inches off the floor. This enables you to clean underneath them easily and also helps protect your items from floods, insect infestation and other elements.

  • The hinges are hidden

    Don’t you hate walking by typical garage cabinets and snagging your clothing? That won’t happen with ours; the steel hinges are hidden inside.

  • The shelves are thick and sturdy

    We want you to be able to fill up your custom garage cabinets without worry! Each shelf holds 100 lbs without buckling, bending or breaking. These make great tool cabinets!

  • The cabinets themselves are easy to care for

    Just wipe them down with a damp cloth and call them clean! These garage cabinets are spill- and stain-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about being very meticulous about keeping them clean at all times

Free Garage Cabinet Consultation

Are you ready to consider built-in cabinets for your garage? Call us for a free design consultation. We’ll show you what your garage will look like before we begin building your cabinets. There won’t be any surprises at your installation appointment; you will know exactly what to expect. Call today; you have nothing to lose!