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Premier Wallbed with Coco FinishPremier Wallbed with Coco FinishPremier Wallbed with Coco Finish

Affordable Murphy Beds in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Could you use an extra bed in your home? If you have ever felt uncomfortable with the thought of hosting overnight company because you would have no choice but to have them sleep on a lumpy pull-out sofa or an air mattress on the floor, Smart Spaces has news for you: We can install a Murphy bed in your playroom, library, home office, or other area of your home, at a price you can afford!

A Murphy bed, also called a wall bed, looks like and functions as an attractive storage unit most of the time. When you need a bed for a visiting relative or a late night guest who is too tired to drive home, you simply pull it down from the wall, and voila! You have a comfortable place for weary traveler to sleep for the night.

So Many Uses for a Wall Bed System!

For clients who do not have dedicated guest bedrooms, a Murphy bed can be an excellent way to make guests feel comfortable. First, these are high-quality beds with good mattresses: You won’t have to worry about your visitors having aching backs after sleeping at your home.

Once you get your wall bed, you will be surprised at how often you use it!

Also, they take up little space. They can fit easily in your office or library, and they’ll look as though they’re meant to be there. There is even storage space on either side of the platform that the bed sits on, so it doubles as a handy set of shelves, cabinets or drawers, depending on the style you choose.

Once you get your wall bed, you will be surprised at how often you use it! Overnight visitors will use it, of course. If one of your children has a sleepover guest, they might enjoy “camping out” in your office or den in the bed. Having a party at your home? If any of your guests are unable to drive home safely at a late hour, you can offer them a comfortable and convenient place to sleep. It’s also a great sleeping spot for college students whose bedrooms have been turned into a craft room or office, or even for you if you are sick and don’t want to keep your spouse up with your coughing, tossing and turning.

Let Us Show You How a Murphy Bed Can Fit in Your Home

At Smart Spaces, we offer a cost- and obligation-free consultation to all of our clients. During this time, we can take some measurements and show you how your wall bed will fit in the space you have set aside for it. Give us a call today to schedule your appointment!