Custom Closets in Saugatuck, MI

Home organization: Is it a never-ending quest for you? Many people fall into the habit of moving items from one pile to another without ever really finding their belongings a permanent “home” in the house. This is a symptom of not having the right tools for the job. Even the smallest homes can be well-organized with the proper equipment. At Smart Spaces, we design custom closets and other home organization products that allow homeowners just like you to take charge of clutter and banish it for good. If you are ready to control your piles and whip your closets, kitchen pantry, home office, garage and the rest of your home into shape, give us a call to schedule your free consultation.

Saugatuck Custom Closet Design

Your custom closet or storage space will be designed with your lifestyle and preferences in mind. Whether it’s a tiny reach-in closet or a large garage, we will work with you to maximize your available space and make the most of every inch. Most of the time, we can even design your organization system while we are in your home, using our special 3D software. You’ll be able to see your design ahead of time, so there won’t be any surprises, and you can make changes before the work is even started. We offer a wide variety of products to ensure that each client gets exactly what he or she wants and needs.

Custom Closets

At Smart Spaces, we can increase space in any closet. Do you have stacks of towels ready to topple over at any moment in your linen closet? Maybe your coats are crammed together in your hall closet, making wintertime outings difficult. If you can’t access your outfits and accessories in your walk-in closet or if your kids’ closets are embarrassingly messy, we can help with that, too. We offer clothing rods, shoe racks, cubby systems, shelving, closet cabinets, drawers, jewelry trays, belt racks, and much more. We will make sure all of your items have a designated place to live.

Custom Garage Organizers

Do you find it frustrating to look for the outdoor equipment and tools that you need? You know they’re in the garage… somewhere. If finding your sports equipment, gardening tools or car supplies is difficult, Smart Spaces can work wonders in your garage. We can use wall panels, overhead storage racks, garage cabinets, a workbench, shelving, and so much more to help you take control of this often-neglected storage space. You might even find the room to park your car! We can assist if you want to turn your garage into a man-cave or a family room, too. Just let us know what you are looking for, and we’ll design the garage of your dreams.

Laundry and Kitchen Organizers

Keeping your kitchen and laundry room chores running smoothly is no small undertaking if you don’t have a good organization system in place. Whether you’re out of space in the pantry or you just can’t keep your laundry going on a daily basis, our laundry and kitchen organizers will get you back on track. Shelving, cabinets, fold-down tables and more will allow you the space you need to not only store necessary items, but also get your tasks completed.

Custom Home Office Storage

The room where disorganization can actually cost you money is often the home office. Wasting time can impact your bank account if it’s during work-time, and that’s true whether you work from home full-time or just telecommute a few days per month or on an occasional basis. The first step toward getting organized in your home office is to make sure you have all of the organizers you need to keep your items under control. Office cabinets, shelves, and a specially designed work area will help you get your work done more efficiently and effectively.

Are you ready to get organized? Please call Smart Spaces to schedule an in-home consultation appointment. We will work with your lifestyle, the space you have available, and even your budget. This appointment is free, so you have nothing to lose except for your clutter. Call today!

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