Custom Closets in Grand Haven, Michigan

If you could improve your home’s overall organization, would you do it? Most people would undoubtedly say yes! Homeowners throughout Grand Haven, Grand Rapids and Holland struggle with the challenges of keeping a neat and tidy home while also attending to their other obligations, such as work, school and keeping up with family life. At Smart Spaces, we specialize in creating customized storage spaces for every room of the house. We work on all types of closets, the garage, the kitchen, the home office, the laundry room, and more! If you are ready to improve the level of organization in your home, contact us today for your free in-home estimate!

Custom Closets: Walk-In, Kids’ and Reach-In Closets

We build all sizes, types and styles of custom closets. The largest closet in your home is likely the one in your master bedroom. We can turn your walk-in closet into a well-organized space that will hold your wardrobe, shoes and other accessories. Your kids’ closets might be cluttered right now, but with our child-friendly designs, your children will be happy to put their items away. Even your tiny reach-in closets, such as your coat closet or your linen closet, can be transformed with our products and expertise.

Garage Cabinets and Organizers

Is your garage overflowing with clutter and mess? Don’t be embarrassed: You’re not alone! We can install organizers ranging from overhead storage racks, to wall panels, to garage cabinets and a workbench in your garage. We can also upgrade your flooring to shiny epoxy. You’ll never feel embarrassed again when you open the garage door. Even better, we can make the most of your space so that you can park your car in the garage without worrying about scratching it on your lawn equipment, garden tools or other items.

Laundry and Kitchen Organization Made Simple

If regular housework is becoming an overwhelming task, it’s time to add some new organization products to your kitchen and laundry room. When items don’t have a permanent home inside of your house, chaos can reign. Our kitchen cabinets and pull-out pantry shelves can boost the organization level in your kitchen. Similarly, we offer cabinets, open shelving and storage accessories for the laundry room. Chores should take as little time as possible, so let Smart Spaces improve your storage and organization situation to let you get in and out of the kitchen or laundry room.

Improve Your Home Office

If you are among the growing number of Michigan residents who work from home, you might struggle with organization in your home office. The truth is, being disorganized in this area of your home can cost you not only time, but money. Gain peace of mind by having a custom home office storage system built. At Smart Spaces, we have a variety of office cabinets, shelves, and accessories that will help you get organized and get on with your day. After all, one of the advantages of working from home is that you can spend time doing the things you love once work is done!

If you are ready to take charge of your home organization, please call Smart Spaces to schedule a free, in-home consultation in your Grand Rapids home. No matter where you need help, we have a solution that will fit your space, lifestyle and budget. Call today to schedule your appointment!

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