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If you find yourself challenged with clutter in your home, then perhaps it’s time to look at what storage options you have and whether they are functioning the way they should be. If you want to accomplish good organization in your home then you need to begin with your closets. Not all closets are made equal and if you are struggling to really manage your stuff then consider some custom closet organizers and other storage solutions to help you get things on track.

But where do you start? Many people feel very overwhelmed by the mere thought of having to deal with their clutter in the first place to even consider installing custom storage solutions. Whether it’s just one closet that needs attention or an entire room, only looking at the space can cause much stress and anxiety. So how can we overcome these anxieties to achieve success in conquering your clutter challenges? Glad you asked!

Eliminate Clutter For Better Closet Organization in 4 Simple Steps

Let’s start with a few simple ways you can deal your clutter to make way for a custom closet system and restore organizational balance to your home.

  • Start At The Top

Eliminate what you no longer need. Whether it’s in your closet or in a disorganized room of the house - go in armed with 3 boxes. One for items you want to keep, one for the items you will store away and another for items you will toss or donate. Pick up the first item closest to you and start making decisions right away to keep it or let it go. As you move through the pile, you will find it will get much easier. Great organization is actually achievable by anyone just by being consistent.

  • Have Courage To Ask For Some Help

If you find yourself struggling to let go of or deal with emotional items then enlist the assistance of a friend or even a professional organizer to help you work through these items. Having another person with you will help you to be more objective when making decisions on difficult items and it can help reduce any emotional struggles. A custom closet designer or professional organizer can make things happen for you, that you may only dream possible.

  • Take Consistent Small Steps to Combat Overwhelm

How do you eat an elephant? The answer - one bite at a time! To avoid further overwhelm don’t feel that you have to conquer it all at once. If you set yourself achievable goals even if it’s only 15-20 minutes a day to work through and organize your closets and your home, not only will you find it easier to get started but within 30 days the change will be significant. If you are happy to keep going longer than 20 minutes, then go with it. Be firm but fair on yourself. If you need, allow yourself the opportunity to stop and say, “I’ve done enough today, I will come back to it tomorrow and continue”. But be sure you stick to your agreement with yourself and continue with it the next day.

  • After the Sorting Has Been Done

It is important to deal with everything immediately once the sorting process has been completed. Once you have finished each room or closet, tape up the box you allocated for storage and find somewhere appropriate to store it. Then take the box for ‘toss or donate’ out to the car so you can drop it off on route the next time you leave, and so it is not left sitting there becoming clutter itself. As for the ‘keep’ items, you can now work to find the best place for them to be kept. Everything needs to have its own designated place. Be sure to organize items with other like-items so they are kept together. Resist the urge to keep duplicate items in multiple places and work hard to keep any undecided items to a minimum.

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