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Putting A New Spin On Your Custom Laundry Room

Is laundry a never-ending battle in your house? You might not believe it, but having a better laundry organization system can actually make this task more of a pleasure and less of a chore. If you’re up to your eyeballs in laundry room madness, here are some tips that can help.

#1 Make It Easier to Separate Laundry

Many people have the habit of throwing all of their laundry in one hamper (or pile on the laundry room floor), then spending time trying to separate all of it at once. Instead, why not try separating as you go? Using a separate hamper or different-colored baskets for the different types of laundry can help you by making this task automatic. If you have children, teach them to put lights, darks and towels in their own separate containers. Once a basket or one section of a hamper is full, you know it’s time to dump it in the wash.

#2 Assign Everyone Their Own Stain Stick

Older children and spouses can be assigned stain sticks to keep track of and use as needed. Before a stained item of clothing goes into the hamper or basket, it should already be pre-treated to give the designated laundry-washer a bit of a break. If your kids are too young to be responsible for pretreating their own clothing, encourage them to tell you when they have spilled chocolate milk on their pants or gotten mud on their sweatshirt. This will pay off later, when they are older and can spray or stain-stick their own items.

#3 Fold or Iron Right in the Laundry Room

It’s best if clean clothing does not leave the laundry area until it’s ready to go in drawers or closets. How can you do this? Install a fold-down ironing board or table in the laundry room. It will sit flush against the wall most of the time, but when you are ready to fold or iron, it will fold down to provide a handy surface. Small loads of laundry (or loads of small clothing or towels) can also be folded right on top of the dryer. This is a good incentive to keep it dust-free!

#4 Keep Laundry Aids Out of Sight

Leaving your laundry detergents, fabric softener and bleach on top of the dryer or on an open shelf is handy, but they tend to get dusty and greasy. They also don’t contribute to the decor of your laundry room! Laundry room cabinets can keep these items dust-free and can make your utility area look better. While not purely a matter of function, feeling good about the way your laundry room looks can add joy to your tasks.

If you are having trouble with your laundry room organization, a custom laundry room can go a long way toward helping you achieve laundry-related bliss. If that seems like too tall an order, it will at least make your laundry chores less stressful and more productive. If you are in the Michigan area such as Grand Rapids, Holland, and Grand Haven, contact us to set up a free consultation with one of our professional organizers. 

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