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Are you drowning in closet clutter? If so, you’re not alone: Many homeowners just like you have a secret stash of clutter and mess behind the closed doors of their closets. You might think that you don’t have the time to get your clutter monster tamed, but truth be told, investing just 15 to 30 minutes per day can help you whip that catastrophe into shape in less than a week! Here are six quick tasks that you can do that will make a sizeable dent in the amount of stress your mess is causing you. 

Simple Steps for A Clutter-Free Closet

#1 Clear the Floor

Now, if your closet floor is filled with a two-foot-high pile of random junk, this will take longer than one 15-minute session! In most closets, however, the floor is cluttered with shoes that no longer appeal, items that have fallen off of their hangers, and boxes of items that might or might not even belong in the closet. Start clearing that junk out. If you need to, take a few sessions to do this.

#2 Stack Your Shoes

A dedicated shoe rack will make quick order of your shoes. Place the ones you use the most frequently on the top racks, and the ones you only wear on special occasions toward the bottom. No shoe rack? No problem! Put the shoes in their boxes and stack those neatly. Or find a plastic bin with drawers to stash your shoes. Just stop them from cluttering up the floor.

#3 Purge, Purge, Purge

Here’s the part that many people find the hardest. Rather than try to purge your closet all at once, Choose a two-foot-wide section. Take those items off of the clothing rod and lay them on your bed. Anything that doesn’t fit or that isn’t your style any longer goes into the “donate” pile. The rest gets hung back on the rod. (Don’t worry about organizing just yet!) Repeat as necessary.

#4 Put Like Items Together

Once your closet is purged of unnecessary items, it’s time to get it organized. Hang all of your blouses together, and all of your long pants, then all of your dresses, and so on. Make sure you have enough of the correct hangers for each type of clothing. Don’t use wire hangers, as these can ruin your clothing. Explore some more of our closet organizers here.

#5 Stack Sweaters and T-shirts

Your knit items should not be hung, as they will become stretched out of shape. Try folding and stacking them, either in drawers or on your closet shelves. As a side benefit, storing these correctly can increase the amount of space you have for hangable items!

#6 Look Up

Don’t forget to organize the shelf over your head. Purses, hats and other items can go on this surface. If you need to, get bins to hold smaller items so they won’t get lost or fall down so easily.

A professional organizer can help you with throughout the process various closet accessories, such as belt racks, tie racks, jewelry trays and so on. These will help you store everything you can in your closet. If you’re having trouble getting organized due to a lack of space, a custom closet can help by maximizing the space that you do have available with drawers, double-hung rods and additional shelving. Don’t be afraid to call the experts in to help you tame the clutter in your closet!

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